Training & Conferences

SSI/SSDI & Work Incentives: 

Understanding the Myriad of Rules Governing SSI/SSDI, Medicaid, Medicare & Related Work Incentives for People with Disabilities 

Watch this space, we are busily planning more trainings. 

Thank you to all who have

attended this training in the past.

For specific Benefits Counseling information please go to the WIPA pages of this website.  We have Community Work Incentives Coordinators in most every part of Virginia, who can assist with your individual Benefits Counseling Needs.


Please note: This is a full two-day training. In Order to Assure
Sufficient Training Materials -- Registration is Required

Who Should Attend?

  • A must for SSI and/or SSDI beneficiaries who work or want to work;
  • A must for parents & family members of SSI & SSDI beneficiaries who work or want to work;
  • A must for any direct service professional who works with a SSI or SSDI beneficiary who earns or wants to earn income;
  • A must for all vocational rehabilitation managers & staff serving people with disabilities who work or want to work;
  • A must for school-to-work transition staff

Why Attend?

  • Understand benefits programs under Security - SSI & SSDI
  • Understand how earned income (wages) and unearned income affect cash and medical benefits.
  • Know which Work Incentives belong to which benefit program, know when to use them & which ones to use.
  • Understand Medicaid & Medicare rules when individuals earn income.
  • Access information from the SSA website & other important web resources such as WorkWorld and MedicaidWORKS.

Understand & identify a variety of Work Incentives available including 1619(a), 1619(b)k, Income Related Work Expenses(IRWE), PASS, Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE), Section 301 Provision, Extended Period of Eligibility, Substantial Gainful Activity, Trial Work Period, etc.