About Us

Committed to Making a Difference

Chartered in 1975, the Virginia Association of Community Rehabilitation Programs is an active statewide association of organizations providing quality employment, residential, training, and support services for persons with disabilities.

Vision Statement


vaACCSES is the premiere association of Virginia community service providers enhancing support of Virginians with disabilities that leads to maximum community involvement. vaACCSES develops effective relationships and influences policy makers, funders and advocates through information, advocacy, education and training.

Mission Statement

Shaping a More Inclusive Society

To provide valued services that enhance the ability of member organizations to create quality employment, training, residential and community support options for Virginia’s citizens with disabilities.

Our Values

Shaping a More Inclusive Society

The VA Association of Community Rehabilitation Programs Dba vaACCSES establishes the following values that represent the standards for providing services and supports to people with disabilities:

  • Enhanced opportunities that enable people with disabilities to live and work in their home
  • Enhanced opportunities for people with disabilities to exercise freedom of choice and
  • informed decision making in their service delivery provisions;
  • Promote the economic, social and other valuable contributions of people with disabilities;
  • Develop strategies and supports related to the aging of people with disabilities and their families

Guiding Principles

Foundations of Our Work: Key Principles

  • To be member driven, directed and responsive;
  • To promote the economic, social and other contributions of Virginians with disabilities;
  • To promote opportunities for Virginians with disabilities to exercise freedom of choice in their service delivery provisions;
  • To provide leadership in the development of innovative, high quality services and supports for Virginians with disabilities;
  • To provide member organizations with an influential and respected voice with the Executive Branch, State Legislature, State Agencies and other referral and funding sources;
  • To develop effective working relationships with other peer organizations;
  • To serve as a valued source of legislative, regulatory and budgetary information to its member organizations;
  • To provide quality training and educational opportunities that create value to member organizations;
  • To provide effective stewardship of association resources.

vaACCSES Membership

Your Gateway to Involvement and Influence

As a member of vaACCSES, you join a network of advocates, professionals, and friends committed to advancing the rights and well-being of individuals with disabilities in Virginia.