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2024 Public Policy Platform

Our Blueprint for Advocacy and Action

In order for persons with IDD/behavioral health needs to have choice and to access the full spectrum of employment options, day activities, residential choices, and other community support services consistent with the basic principle of informed choice:

vaACCSES supports:

1. Funding and Rate Increases Which Assist in Addressing Staffing Crisis:  Advocate for increased funding and rates for IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) and behavioral health services to ensure adequate support for individuals with disabilities. This involves advocating for fair reimbursement rates for service providers, aiming to attract and retain skilled professionals and establish a sustainable business model with built-in escalations in rates annually. By doing so, we can address the staffing crisis through the development of initiatives that offer competitive wages, improved training programs, and support for career advancement within the disability service sector. It's crucial to highlight the importance of investing in the workforce to ensure high-quality care for individuals with IDD.

2. Streamlining Administrative Processes/Deemed Status: Advocate for deemed status for qualified IDD service providers, a nationally recognized accreditation tool. This approach acknowledges providers' compliance with national quality and safety standards, eliminating the need for repetitive statewide accreditation (Licensing) processes. Implementing deemed status would not only ensure high-quality care but also streamline administrative processes, minimizing bureaucratic hurdles for IDD and behavioral health service providers.

3. Collaboration and Coordination: Encourage collaboration among agencies, non-profits, and government entities to create a coordinated system of care for individuals with IDD. This includes promoting information sharing, best practices, and a unified approach to support services.

4. Advocacy and Awareness: Increase public awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with IDD and advocate for their rights, inclusion, and access to essential services. Engage in advocacy efforts to promote policies that advance the interests of people with IDD.

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