Legislative Agenda 2024

Continued bold, significant prioritization and investment is needed to stabilize
Virginia’s Waiver Program and Workforce Crisis

Build Provider Capacity and Sustainability - Increase rates commensurate with market changes that impact people with disabilities and the providers who support them.

  • Increase the DD Waiver rates by 18% plus annual rate escalations to meet both ongoing economic pressures on all businesses, including the mandated 12.5% increase in the minimum wage, and the growing challenge to recruit and retain a specially qualified workforce to serve people with disabilities.

  • Fix and Fully Fund Service rates that have not been increased since 2005, including Consumer-Directed (CD) Services Rates provided by Service Facilitators who help people with disabilities hire and manage their own caregivers.

Regulatory Modernization to Reduce Administrative Burden -  Reduce over-regulation and unfunded mandates that do not add value to the individual served and further weakens the capacity and sustainability of their provider network.

  • Reform Licensing System Review and DD Waiver Regulatory Staff Competency Language, including the adoption of “deemed status,” a nationally recognized accreditation by organizations such as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) that eliminates the need for repetitive statewide licensing processes to ensure high quality care while streamlining administrative processes.

  • Expand Access to Modernized Technology and Supports, including Options for Virtual Programming that optimizes flexibility for people with disabilities to access Assistive Technology, Environmental Modifications, Therapeutic Consultation, and Electronic Home- Based Services needed to increase their independence, safety, and opportunities to participate in modern communities.

Promote Jobs and Employment Supports for ALL Virginians

  • Support annual inflationary increase for Employment Services Organizations (ESOs) linked to any escalations in costs provided by the Social Security Administration to provide quality employment supports.

  • Promote policy that eliminates disincentives to employment for Virginians with disabilities:o Expand the Medicaid WORKS program eligibility to individuals on the DD Waiver o Eliminate Medicaid eligibility risks based on income limits.

  • Support state procurement policies and contract opportunities that expand provider capacity to increase employment opportunities for Virginians with disabilities.

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